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Thursday August 15, 2013

MyWatch chairman completes surgery, bullet taken for analysis

SEREMBAN: The five-hour surgery to remove a bullet lodged near Mywatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan's ribcage was conducted successfully and ended at 7pm at the Serdang Hospital today.

MyWatch advisor S. Gobi Krishnan said the bullet was taken to the police forensic laboratory in Cheras for analysis upon the directive of Bukit Aman CID director, Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah and Sanjeevan was recuperating. 

"Hadi has assured the family that the investigations would be monitored by him and the family was told to meet him next week to assist further in the investigations,"

"However, we're still not sure who would be investigating this case as of now." he added. 

Sri Sanjeevan, 29, was critically injured in the right rib after he was hit by a shot fired by two men on a motorcycle at a junction in Taman Cempaka, Bahau at about 4.30pm on July 27.    

He is currently being treated at the Serdang Hospital after being transferred from the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital in Seremban.

Meanwhile, his father P. Ramakrishnan said he was in a critical condition, but is more stable now.

"The doctors had came up with a plan to perform the surgery today since his condition has improved,

“They had removed the blood clot and bullet from his lung,” Ramakrishnan said when met afterwards.

However, he expressed disappointment that the Bukit Aman police would not be taking over the investigation from Negri Sembilan police, as he had requested on Tuesday.

As soon as the surgery ended, two police officers from the Negri Sembilan police came into the operation theatre and took custody of the bullet.

"One was from the Negri Sembilan's state contingent, while the other was from the Jempol district police headquarters,

On Tuesday, Ramakrishnan filed a police report against the Negri Sembilan police, claiming that the case should be handled by Bukit Aman for fear of conflict of interest.

MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan as he was being wheeled into surgery to remove the bullet lodged near his ribs today. NST pix by Amirul Nubli Wan Ahmad

Source: NST
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