Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Banner Advertising
Head Banner 468x90- RM100.00 per month at any pages
Leader Board 728x90- RM150.00 per month at any pages except the main page
Leader Board 728x90- RM2500.00 per month at main page header
Square Banner 336x280 -RM100.00 per month at any pages
Square Banner 300x250 - RM100.00 per month at any pages
Square Banner 250x250 - RM100.00 per month at any pages
Skyscraper 160x600 - RM200.00 per month at any pages
Skyscraper 160x600 - RM500.00 per month at main page
Skyscraper 120x600 - RM200.00 per month at any pages
Skyscraper 120x600 - RM400.00 per month at main page
Button 125x125 -RM250.00 per year  at any pages except the main page
Button 120x90 -RM230.00 per per year at any pages  except the main page
Button  88x31- RM220.00 per year at any pages except the main page
C. Directory Listing
Listing of companies and services/products category
Price: RM150 for 12 months (commencing at time)


  Advertisement Promotions
WANROSNAH.COM is all about online advertising and Internet connectivity direct to  your potential customers. We have expertise in  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , making your search products or services appears on top pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other tops search engines worldwide. So, capitalize on our unique ability and capability to make your business available and seen in the Internet.
Do you know that small business can be seen as big business via advertising.
Advertising is the most important tool to let  prospects or customers know where to find your business.
We are here to assist you in meeting your business objective.
Budget Advertisement
Enjoy the advertisement for 3 months period for only RM500.
Suitable for car sellers, SMEs/IKS
Package For Online Advertisement inclusive of:
Webpage 1 webpage design according to the products/service

example: www.wanrosnah.com/mazelina.htm

Banners Design high quality banners (5) different sizes
SEO Free SEO with key words searches for pages in top ranking in Google
Adwords 7 days advertisements in a month in Adwords (for 3 months)
Facebook Posting to our facebook pages social network
1) We will not hold responsible if the webpage is not listed in top ranking.
2)We will not responsible if you are not getting orders or sale.
3)Basically is by mutual agreement to advertise with us for the Internet Presence and let people aware of your business and get in touch with you.
Payment Preferred by direct deposit to bank account
Kindly contact for any information to:
Email: advertise@wanrosnah.com











Types of Banners Sizes
Head Banner 468x90
Leader Board 728x90
Square Banner 336x280
Square Banner 300x250
Square Banner 250x250
Skyscraper 160x600
Skyscraper 120x600
Button 125x125
Button 120x90
Button  88x31


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