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Artril Forte 250
About Artrill Forte 250
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Artril Forte:  Amber Glass bottle contains 60 capsules
Artril 250: Amber bottle contains 100 capsules



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I Bottle Contains 60 capsules

Pharmacology and pharmacodynamic:

Glucosamine sulphate stimulates  the anabolic metabolism of osteo-cartilagneous tissues by stimulating the biosynthesis of the mucopolysaccharides ( which are the essential components of  the cartilage ground substance). Glucosamine sulphate provides lubricant activity for the synovial fluid, it improves the synovial fluid viscosity and increase the synovial fluid production.

Therefore Glucosamine sulphate provides the therapeutic effects such as:

  • reduces articular pain
  • improves the articular function
  • inhibits the articular degeneration process

Indication: As adjunctive therapy in Osteoarthritis

Dosage: Capsule best taken before meal

Light or Moderate Osteoarthritis symptoms:

One capsule Artril Forte or Two Artril 250 taken twice daily for at least 6 weeks or according to medical prescription.

Severe Osteoarthritis symptoms: Initially treatment of 1 capsule Artil Forte or 2 capsules Artril 250, three times daily is recommended during a period of a least 8 weeks.

Side Effect:

  • Gastro-intestinal irritation such as gastro discomfort, nausea and vomiting are rarely reported
  • Cardiovascular: Peripheral oedema, tachycardia were reported in few patient following larger clinical trials investigating oral administration of Osteoarthritis. Causal relationship has not been established.
  • Central nervous system: Drowsiness, headache, insomnia have been observed rarely during therapy (less than 1%)
  • Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dyspepsia, or epigastric pain, heartburn and anorexia have been described rarely during oral therapy with glucosamine.
  • Skin: skin reactions such as erythema and pruritius have been reported with therapeutic administration of glucosamine.

Get your doctor or pharmacy advise.

Artril Forte:  Amber Glass bottle contains 60 capsules
Artril 250: Amber bottle contains 100 capsules
Bone Surgeon recommendations:
Suggest to consume especially for men and women of late 40s onwards for maintenance of both knees and others bones in the body. Take it daily one day after meal.

Please pass this product information to your family members and friends. As you know many are not fully aware that this great products can save them from having back knees problems. Don't let your knees be a problem for you to  enjoy your normal lifestyle and activities with your love ones.




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