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Batik Shirt For Men in Short Sleeves
Made in Malaysia
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Made in Malaysia



Batik Hand Drawn Long Sleeve Shirt for Men. Suitable for functions and formal. Export quality
Material: 100% Jacquard Silk. 
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Code:BSLSHD-303-Electric Exotic
Batik Shirt Long Sleeve for men. Elegant and smart for formal or informal wear. Quality assured. Export quality

Material: Jacquard Silk 100%

Assorted Color & Design
Sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Code: BSLSHD-303 Electric Exotic
Selling Price: RM350.00
Suitable for Corporate Gifts! Impress your customers with a different kind of gift. Your corporate customer will appreciate it more!


Available for Gift Wraps to be ship anywhere in Malaysia and outside Malaysia.
For buyers outside Malaysia, please email us your address so that we could confirm the cost of shipping

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