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Batik Type: Hand Painted
Material: Poplin 100%
Size: 45" x 45"

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Selling Price in Malaysia RM90.00 or RM130.00 Gift Box & Wrap
Code WTC100=RM90.00 with standard packing in clear plastic wrap.
Code WTC100A=RM130.00 with Gift Box & Wrap & Include A Card.

Online Shoppers from Malaysia
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Size:45" x 45" square floral with green and black background
Shop Now Online (shoppers outside Malaysia will be charged the additional cost of shipping to the destinations)
Shoppers in Malaysia shop online here and pay by debit/credit cards!
Code WTC100=RM90.00 with standard packing in clear plastic.      
buy A Gift Box Set=RM130.00 with Gift Box & Wrap & Include A Card.


Batik table cloth is hand painted in cotton poplin 100%.
Beautiful  and painted in floral designs making the table cloth outstanding looking.
Size: 45" x 45" (Square shape) for small dining table
Colour: Green light & dark green and black
Code: WTC 100
Suitable for home or restaurants
Also great as a gift for friends and family!


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Batik Products as 'hantaran' or wedding gifts.

Photo shows  the table cloth and table napkins and napkins holders makes great wedding gifts or hantaran.

All products are available from Wan Rosnah's batik collections, including the napkins ring and the wrought iron basket.

To inquire about batik hantaran or other batik collections contact us by:

Call/SMS/WhatsApp -016-3321173


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