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Date:16/01/2018 04:25 PM
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Article Characters in the Cultural Organization
Working the Cultural Network
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 Communications: Working the Cultural Network
Ref: The World Executive's Digest Library-The Best of Business Books

Everyone in a strong culture has a job - but he also has another job. This  "other job" won't get stamped on a business card, but that doesn't matter. In many ways this work is far more important that budgets, memos, policies, and five year plan. Spies, story-tellers, priest, whisperers, cabals -these people form the hidden hierarchy which looks considerably different from organization chart. In the hidden hierarchy, a lowly junior employee doubles as a highly influential spy. Or an "unproductive" senior manager gets the best office in the building, precisely because he does little but tell good stories- an ability that makes him tremendously valuable to the corporation as an interpreter of events. These "other jobs" are critical to the effective management of any successful organization. They make up what we call the cultural network.

This network is actually the primary means of communications within the organization; it ties together all parts of the company without respect to positions of titles. The network is important because it not only transmit information but also interprets the significance of the information for employees.

Many "modern" managers only deal with the tip of the iceberg as far as communications are concerned. They send a flurry of memos, letters, reports, and policy statements, hold pre-meetings, meetings and management sessions where they use flip charts. decision trees, and statistical analysis to accomplish. Sometimes they don't accomplish much. Almost 90 percent what goes on in the organization has nothing to do with formal events. The real business goes on in the cultural network. Even in the context of a highly controlled meeting, there is a lot of informal communication going on such as bonding, rituals, glances, innuendos, and so forth.  The real process of making decisions, of gathering support, of developing opinions, happens before the meeting - or after.

In a strong culture, the network is powerful because it can reinforce the basic beliefs of the organizations, enhance the symbolic value of heroes by passing on stories of their deeds and accomplishments, set new climate for change, and provide a thigh structure of influence for the CEO. Top managers need to recognize and tap into this cultural network to accomplish their goals. Especially in a large corporation, working the network can be the only way to get a job done.

Characters in the Cultural Network

Top manager

Top managers need to have good sense of this informal system of checks and balances to gather and disseminate information. The whole process depends on people, not paper. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics in the cultural business network.

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The cultural network are people defined as:




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