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Online Premier Advertising Promotions Package.


Web Design Services

We offer affordable website design services for SMES/IKS. Complete with hosting, domain name and email account using the same domain name. Also we design and write contents as well.

 Online Advertising

Specialist in Online Advertising, making use of our capabilities in SEO, making the advertising pages rank high by the robots like Google or Yahoo. Try our service.

 Logo Design

Simple logo design for brochures, name cards and company logo. Low price.

Remember, all products needs a logo. Even how small is a company still needs a logo.

 Shop Our Batik

Our own brand 'Wan' for Batik shirts, batik uniform, batik for ladies and other batik for corporate events.

Offer customization of batik designs for shirts, pareo, bed sheets, pillows and more. Let's know your need.

General Supplier

Our subsidiary First Integrated Building Supplies Network dealing with supplies of building materials and hospitality products. Such as sanitary ware and fittings, wrought irons, tableware, table, chairs and more.

Property Inquiry

Consultancy services: development lands,  Residential, Industrial, Commercial land, bungalow lands, office building and hotel and resort.




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