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Let's Explore New Ideas for
Home Economy Improvement!!!

Ideas to be explored

(1)For those who loves cooking! Cook A Great Meal!

Some Business Ideas To Be Explored and become a business to start with something that you know and how to do it better than anybody else.

Explore this list of ideas as your business or potential business in the future.

1. Cooking home cook food - Tiffin Food Services

If you are staying in the condo or apartment with high density or medium density, think of providing services to residents in that condo or apartment. Provide Dinner 'Tiffin Food' and deliver direct to the unit. This is very interesting idea to begin with the target group of young executives or singles. Normally these  young executives are very career minded and work hard until very late and came back with nothing to eat or just simply too tired to start cooking.

So, this is where your service is much needed  to offer tasty home food delivery in the Tiffin! If you are there to provide home cook food for delivery, they can use your services to deliver fresh home cook food.

This is amazing choice is you can cook great food whereby you can practice your home based business to grow bigger in the future, whereby you can operate food business in big time.

You can do a business in a small scale first and gradually expand your business the way you see fit in your business plans. As your business grow, your business ideas will also grow. So, do not think short and always think outside the box.

Why They Order Home Cook Meal From You


  • Taste great
  • Fast Delivery
  • Choices of tasty home cook meal
  • No MSG
  • Customer can request their favorite dishes
  • Halal  preferably for Malays
  • No need to worry of not having good food to eat
  • Door step delivery


Any suggestions, please feel free to share!
Do Not Find A Second Job But Do Your Own Small Business Instead
Tips on how you as a working person can make more money than you can imagine by starting small own business on your own after office hours. There are numerous ways on how to create business in small scale base on your own creativity. Nothing can stop your creativity to be enjoyed by others or who appreciate it.

You have the choice to gather all your family members and work as a team. This is very important for moral support and also getting feedback from all the family members. Form a think-tank group in your family and explore ideas to create something new or special for your business.

Don't be shy. Start your business with the objective of making money.

Most people involve in business is for one reason- is to create wealth or money. That is the main ulterior motif people get into business. Besides the sheer pleasure of become own boss.

You may think this is so ridiculous idea and impossible to do!

The answer to that statement is nothing is impossible if you set your mind to do it and want to do it because you want to improve your standard of living and the aim is to make money money. STOP other negative ideas that is stimulating your mind NOT to do it or got SCARED is not an option. Just do it and never look back.

So how to begin the project?

Write it down what are the things that you most like to do if you are given the chance to do a small business?

Give you some clues.

Cook A Great Meal
For example you like cooking special dishes and is so very tasty and is good to be explored further. Suggestion for you can cook a great meal.

Suggestion in the next column.

Do Laundry Service
Provide washing and ironing direct from your home.

The cost of running this home based business is so low cost and easy maintenance. All you need is the different types of irons and ironing board and the detergents for washing and ironing.

Home Tuition
If you are very good at certain subjects, create a home tuition centre. Make your tuition centre is a modern learning centre. Be creative in order to attract more students to come to your home tuition centre.
Home Tailoring

Are you good at sewing dresses, table cloth, curtains, bed sheets and so forth? Therefore, you can offer a home based tailoring services right up from your home. Create a nice and look like a tailor shop in your home.

Or alternatively, if you are really skill to teach sewing, then you can have classes for single moms, students, or working people to enroll in your sewing classes.


Office Breakfast Supply

If you are working for a large company with a huge staff, why not offer breakfast home made! You can do great sandwiches and take pre-order.

Your home cook breakfast for office can include:

  • All types of sandwiches
  • Scones
  • Cup cakes
  • Cookies




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