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Leaning & Improvement
Date:16/01/2018 04:25 PM
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Face Fortunes
Pear-Shape (Fire)
If this is your face shape, you are basically a Fire type - a gregarious magnetic personality, a strong- minded extrovert, always busy, easy to talk to, people oriented. You are destined to live a colourful life, are attracted to some

for of business, and find success as an actor, reporter, sport figure, publicist, salesperson, Politian-the public eye.

Face Fortunes-The

Ancient Chinese Art of

Feature Reading-
Fame, Power, Wealth, Character, Sexuality & Personality are embedded in your face! Do you have a nose for money? Cheekbones for Power? Can you Spot Your Ideal Husband? The Perfect Wife?

The only way to find out is by reading the book. Here are some synopsis for your pleasure reading!

What Is Face Reading? The origin of face reading are lost in antiquity but the art has been recorded in China as long ago as the time of Confucius in the fifth & sixth centuries C.C. Various systems of face reading have since developed.

How valid is this art? Though face reading is prescientific, today's genetic investigations are confirming the relationship between personality and temperament (even vocational predisposition) and the genetic structure that is unique to each individual. Our genomes, which determine our face shape, eye set, skin color, and other physical characteristics, appear to determine our life potential.

What Is Your Face Shape?

Some faces are readily seen to be a particular shape, whereas in others cases they may be difficulty in defining it. This is often because the face is a combination type. The easiest way to define face shape , is by nothing the area of the face that has the greatest width.

Pear-shape (Fire)-widest at the jaw line and narrowest at the temples and forehead.
Round (Water)-widest at mid-cheek with rounded chin and forehead.
Triangular-(Wood)-widest at the forehead, tapering to the narrow jaw.
Oblong(Gold)-allover, width the same at forehead, cheekbones, and jaw, but the face is longer than it is wide.
Square(Earth)-allover width the same, but the face is as wide as it is long. Both hairline and jaw are usually squared off.

For more face reading get a book!
Face Fortunes-The Ancient Chinese Art of Feature Reading
Authors: Peter Shen & Joyce Wilson

How Smart Is Your Right Foot?
Point to ponder:
If none endeavour there would be an end to discovery.


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