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Malaysian Favorite Food for Breakfast

Nasi Lemak


Ingredients for Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)

for 3-4 persons servings
2 Cups full rice (preferably long grains) wash and drain water
1 whole coconut / or 4 Cups Grated coconut (make 3 cups of coconut thick coconut milk)
1 tablespoon salt
2 pandan leave (washed and tie a knot)
How to cook the 'Nasi Lemak'
- In the rice cooker, add in the well drain rice.
- Add in the coconut milk
- Add the salt, pandan leaves
- Covered the lid of the rice cooker and cook until the 'Nasi Lemak' is cooked well.
How to make the Sambil Bilis ( Anchovies) cook in sambal
- 4 hundred grams of anchovies, stomach removed
- 10-15 dried chilies, socked in the warm water for 10 minutes
- Salt
- 2 big onions- sliced thinly
- 5 garlics - shredded
- Assam Jawa ( tamarind juice 1 small cup half thick)
- Oil for frying
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 4 chicken eggs and boiled and cool to slice into half
- 1 cucumber -wash and slice thinly
How to Cook the Ikan Bilis Sambal (Anchovies Sambal)
1. Heat the kuali and add in oil to fry the already washed and drain up the water from Ikan Bilis.
2. Fry gently and not too over cooked, removed the friend ikan bilis from the kuali.
3. Remove some oil from the kuali keep up to 2 or 3 tablespoonful oil in the kuali.
4. Heat up the remaining oil in the kuali
5. Add in sliced onions and garlics until aromatic smells
6. Add in the sambal and stir slowly for at least 5 -6 minutes, add in the tamarind juice.
7. Add in more tamarind juice is you prefer the sambal to have more gravy
8. Add in the sugar and fry for another 3-4 minutes
Removed and serve in the plate and garnish with sliced cucumbers and sliced  boiled eggs
Please take note:
Use the same ingredients to  substitute for chicken, prawns, fish, cockles or beef.
Nasi lemak tastes better with enough or more thick coconut milk added in the rice.
Tips: Nasi lemak is best to eat warm! So tasty and so delicious. So keep on trying and perfecting cooking best nasi lemak for your family or friends!

Nasi Lemak Healthy Meal!
Picture showing nasi lemak served with fried chicken, hot sambal prawns and ikan bilis top with egg sliced.

This is all time favorite for most Malaysians. Some says can't live without it especially for the morning breakfast.. Nasi Lemak is widely eaten in Malaysia, even as a dish served in Malaysian schools. Nasi lemak is a common breakfast dish, sold early in the morning at roadside stalls in Malaysia, where it is often sold packed in newspaper, brown paper, or banana leaf. However, there are restaurants which serve it on a plate as noon or evening meals, making it possible for the dish to be eaten all day.

Traditionally, this comes as a platter of food wrapped in banana leaf, with cucumber slices, small dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) at its core. As a more substantial meal, nasi lemak can also come with a variety of other garnishing such as chicken, cuttlefish, cockle, stir fried water convolvulus (kangkong), pickled vegetables (achar), beef rendang (beef stewed in coconut milk and spices) or paru (beef lungs). Traditionally most of these garnishing  are spicy in nature.

Price for the packed standard Nasi Lemak priced for RM1.00 per pack. If you eat in the reasonable restaurant, that will cost you around RM2.50 per plate with the simple main ingredient of Ikan Bilis (Anchovies in chillies) and  a slice of hard boiled egg and slices of cucumber.However, if you dine in the medium to high end restaurant, the price will be around RM12 to RM22.00 served with a variety of dishes for example, rending beef, rending chicken , rending mutton) and  lots of side dishes.

The next time If  you are touring Malaysia, don’t forget to try our number all time favorite delicacy ‘NASI LEMAK’!

 Bon appétit! One Nasi Lemak Please!!!



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