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Characters in the Cultural Organization
Working the Cultural Network
Walt Disney Company
Communications: Working the Cultural Network

Gossips are the troubadors of the culture. While priests will only talk in analogues, that is tell you the scripture-gossips will know the names, dates, salaries, and events that are taking place in the organization, now. The trivial day-to-day happenings are carried by gossips whom most people appreciate, even if they are wary of gossips' tongues. After all, without a steady diet of news about people one knows, life in most companies would be grim - and pretty dull.

Gossips are not expected to be serious people; and they are not always expected to get the news right. They are expected simply to entertain. For this entertainment value alone they are tolerated, even liked.

Their role in reinforcing a culture is vital. Storytellers create the legends of the company and its heroes, but the gossips help the hero-making process flourish by embellishing the heroes' past feats and stiffing up the news of their  latest accomplishment.

While storytellers and priests deal one-on-one with individuals, gossips can spread their news more quickly because they talk to groups at the lunch table or during coffee break. They also have the unique ability to penetrate all levels of the organization.

At the same time, gossips can become the leaders of the pack when it comes to de-Stalinizing a hero. They are the ones to provide the "real" story behind the official announcements and memos.

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