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How to Stay Slim
Limit the intake of high carbohydrate, for example eating too much rice 3 times per day, fried koay teow, or fried noodles. Cut down the to smaller portions.

Instead , you can eat more fruits and vegetables.

Drink more water, at least 3 to 4 litres per day to flush out the toxins in your body.


jogger and best friend dog

Exercise for example walking, running or play game

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How to maintain your waistline 

Having a smaller is the envious of every women and men!

So, how to achieve that marvelous small waist?

People with smaller waistline can almost wear any outfit to enhance the overall look of their personality. So, it is a hard job to maintain a small waistline particularly for women. As they grow older, their waistlines tend to increase as well.

Women who tend to wear loose dresses tend to put on weight. They tend to eat more as they donít feel the tautness of their waistline. Overtime, these women will put on weight faster than women who only wear tight fitting clothing. The loose clothing will not drape around your waistline tightly and you cannot tell exactly whether you have put on weight or not. Thus your waistline tends to grow wider and bigger.

Women who always wear tight fitting clothing will remain and hardly increase their waistline until their old age. Even, if they do, but will not be too drastic. For example, these types of women will always watch their waistline and they want to maintain a pretty good waistline. They will know when they have put on weight when they cannot zip up the skirt or pants. Thus, they know how to take immediate action by getting more exercise or change diet.

So, how to go about of not getting into fat waistline? Here are the simple tips that all women must do in order to maintain a small waistline.

1. Wear only tight fitting clothing that you can feel that your skirt or pants is drape around on your waistline. So, automatically, you will know how to limit your food, drink and you become more watchful of your overall look. Because to wear fitting clothing has to be slim.

Psychologically you will be more alert of your body and will work hard to maintain your small waistline. Meaning you will not get fat.

So, change clothing style to all more fitting style. Overtime you will loose weight as you tend to see the actual beauty in you with small waistline. 

Article written by: Wan Rosnah




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