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PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Tuesday presented his latest report card for the Government Transformation Programme and Economic Transformation Programme that aims to make Malaysia a high income nation by 2020.

He said the aims under seven critical areas have been met and with the economy in good shape.

“We have kept our promises,” he said, particularly in giving people access to the best in life good wages, quality education, good public facilities, home ownership among others.

He also announced that the people's aid handout, BR1M, will be a yearly affair

Cost of living :

*Initiatives taken include expanding the 1Malaysia people's aid programme targetted at the people who need them by allocating RM2.34bil benefitting six million Malaysians.

*1Malaysia school vouchers of RM100 given to 5.24 million students amounting to RM524mil.

*1Malaysia book vouchers worth RM250 each given to 390,000 students in universities and colleges totalling RM97.5mil.

*Aid and grants given to the people worth RM37.8bil, including RM22.3bil in subsidies, RM873.5mil incentive payments and RM14.6bil in direct aid.

*85 1Malaysia shops selling basic goods at prices 20% to 40% below market price and 168 clinics that offer health care at RM1.

Increasing standard of living among low income households.

*Poverty rate has been cut by 1.7% but efforts will continue to increase standards of living.

*Under the programme to end poverty, 106,967 people have been registered for jobs, businesses, and agriculture and have received help.

*Under the e-Kasih programme 89% or more than 100,000 of those who registered have been lifted from poverty in three years.

*Government has offered 100,000 units of affordable housing.

Uplifting rural basic infrastructure

*More than 3,300km of roads have been built and, 1.4 mil households have clean water supply and more than 470,000 households have access to steady electricity suppy.

*The government has built and repaired 53,000 homes for the rural poor.

Improving students' academic achievements:

*Preschool enrolment is now at 80% in 2012, compared to 67% in 2009.

*In 2012, 164 schools have been lifted from the low performing ranks.

Improving public transport:

*The government has improved the LRT and MRT connections. The people are urged to be patient until the projects are completed.

*Among others, six coaches have been added to KTM Komuter and GoKL offers free bus service.

*In the future the people can look forward a high speed train between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that will take just 90 minutes.

Eradicating corruption:

*Initiatives taken have borne fruit. According to Transparency International, in the perception of graft ranking, Malaysia has moved six steps up to 54 in 2012 and third in Asean

* 14 Special Session Courst established in the last three years and 400 graft cases have been tried and nearly 260 cases decided upon by 2012

Reducing Crime:

*Initiatives have been further expanded to ensure greater police presence, particularly in collaboration with resident and community associations and strengthening initiatives such as the deployment of more police personnel to concentrate on “Hotspot” areas to reduce crime.


Source: The Star

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