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NOREFAL Soft Gel Capsules

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NOREFAL Soft Gel Capsules
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Anti-aging therapy in Switzerland
The answer lies in the techniques of regeneration of cells in the human body. The rich and famous from around the world make trips to Switzerland to visit exclusive and expensive clinics that offers this medical wonder that can bring about physical changes in themselves, from improved vitality and younger appearance, to maintaining a healthier, body system, and staying in great shape.

This is done making it possible for them to enjoy the fruits of success well into their senior years.

What makes Switzerland distinctive is that in Switzerland, the techniques of regeneration of cells are at the world's best, being one of the most advance countries  in biotechnological researches and development.

By far, it has superior regulatory controls on clinical use of this technique and is produced under GMP (Good Manufacture Practice).

This technique of regeneration of cells is known as Cell Therapy. This expensive and exclusive therapy is now made available here.

To enjoy life to the fullest you need to understand what aging is

What happens when we age? Growing old is not an illness, but is the passing of years do make the body more venerable to disease. Our genes dictate that the body cell's stop dividing after 30 to 40 times. New cells must be able to replace those that die, a process we know that slow down with age. In addition, cells are subject to premature death and damage. When there is no longer enough cells to replace the ones that have dies or suffered damaged, the result is aging.

What can you expect from Cell Therapy?

After consumption for 2 to 6 months, the following are some of the beneficial effects

i.    Improved stamina and energy level
ii.   Vast improvement in mental alertness
iii.  Fairer skin texture and more even tone color.
iv.  Reduction of lines and wrinkles
v.   Deeper and relaxing sleep.
vi.  Better mobility limbs.
vii. Slimmer and healthier physique
viii. Improvement in blood physique
ix.  Vast improvement in immune system against disease.
x.  Elimination of constipation.
xi. Reduction of discomfort (effect of menopause)
xii. Reduction of chronic pains, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain etc.
xiii. Improved libido, potency with endurance and vitality.
Now, you too can experience the anti-aging power CELL Therapy for the first time here with Norefal Cell Therapy.

The Swiss Cellular Therapy renowned for its anti-aging tissue regeneration and rejuvenation properties, is now available in soft gel capsules.

Norefal Soft Gel Capsules is designed to pass through the stomach and reach the lower intestines where it is absorbed directly into your blood stream.

The cells are conserved in this hi-tech proven technique to remain biologically active without damaging the effectiveness of the cells. The exact dosage of cell preparations is accurately measured and sterility controlled.


Cell Therapy helps your body system to heal on its own by revitalizing and stimulating cells renewal. Cell Therapy technique is organ specific, that is the cell of a particular organ is used to revitalize the cell of the like organ i.e.. when the cells implanted originated from the thymus glands of the donor, it will find its way to the thymus glands of the recipient.

Researches also discovered that when new cells are added, they have stronger resonant (vibration) to induce the old and weak or any damage cells to re-vibrate to the same frequency as young healthy cells again. As a result, there is restoration and renewal of cells.

Cell Therapy technique is organ specific, that is the cell of a particular organ is used to revitalize the cell of the like organ e.g. when the cells implanted originated from the thymus glands of the donor, it will find its way the thymus glands of the recipient. Thus, heart to heart & liver to liver. This landmark research in the 1970's, at the University of Heidelberg, demonstrated by radioactive marking and tracing of cells proved that cellular material was indeed transported by human host's blood to the counterpart organs and tissues.

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Depending upon individual lifestyle, the beneficial effect of Norefal Soft Gel Capsules can last between 6 to 8 months after its consumption. It is important to repeat the treatment thereafter so as to maintain the sparkle of life.

Norefal Soft Gel Capsules is NOT A DRUG but is solely a nutritional supplement of the highest quality. Norefal Soft Gel Capsules is very safe and can be used simultaneously with other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

Because you deserved to look and feel young, Norefal Soft Gel Capsules now make it so much easier for you to have beautiful skin, more vitality and improved health.

Safe for long term consumption. Certified hormone free and heavy metal free.


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