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Date:16/01/2018 04:27 PM
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Article Characters in the Cultural Organization
Working the Cultural Network
Walt Disney Company


Communications: Working the Cultural Network


Like the church, companies also have priests. They are the designated worriers of the corporation and the guardians of the culture's values. They worry about the religion and keeping the flock together. They always have time to listen to a confession, and they always have a solution to any dilemma, even a moral dilemma. This "other job" is one that requires the most responsibility of any in the culture network.

To be a priest figure in a culture requires a maturity or seriousness beyond years. These people tend to be older than their colleagues, because people feel uncomfortable with priests who have not yet proven their worth by surviving in the company for some time. Priests are similar to storytellers, but priests seldom worry about details. Instead they deal in allegories about what once happened. If you ask about a current proposal, the response is to relate the issue back to another event.

Most priestly figures are human encyclopedias on matters of their company's history, just in the way that real priests have mastery of the Bible.

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The cultural network are people defined as:








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