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Date:16/01/2018 04:27 PM
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Article Working in the Cultural Organization: continuation
Working the Cultural Network
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 Communications: Working the Cultural Network

Secretarial Sources

Clerical workers penetrate a different level of the company than managers do, and they're often more observant. You may value the high-ranking bureaucrat in your social order, but in your cultural network, a clerk or secretary can be much more useful.

When we as individuals want to tap into the network, the people we go to first are the key clerical people. They tell us more about what the organization is really going on, who's angry with whom, and so on, than anyone else, including the CEO. They can do this because secretarial sources form a stable network of relatively noninvolved and therefore unbiased players.

This particularly true of the army of professional secretaries who move up the corporate ladder concurrently with the managers for whom they work. By the time they become secretaries to senior executives, they are tremendously savvy about all the serious affairs of business on the rise pay such attention to moving their secretaries with them as their own carriers progress: the secretaries keep them tuned in to what's really happening.

Also, as managers move up the ladder, they invariably lose touch with the rumor mill. Their secretaries are invaluable in keeping them tuned into the latest interpretations of official events. The secretaries  also can help their bosses by passing stories of their deeds on through the gossip network.

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