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Article Characters in the Cultural Organization
Working the Cultural Network
Walt Disney Company

 Communications: Working the Cultural Network


People tell stories to gain power and influence, and because they enjoy doing it. Storytellers are in a powerful position because they can change reality. Storytellers simply interpret what goes on in the company, but to suit their own perceptions. And what is power anyway but the ability to influence people's perception without their realizing it, of course. The tales that storytellers tell, like myths in a tribal setting, explain and give meaning to the workaday world. For the corporation, storytellers maintain cohesion and provide guidelines for everyone to follow. It's the most powerful way to convey information and shape behavior. The beauty of a story is that just by remembering the punch line you can recreate the entire occasion.

Storytellers preserve institutions and their values by imparting legends of the company to new employees. They also carry stories about the visionary heroes or the latent outlaw over in the manufacturing plant. Storytellers will also reveal much about what is it takes to get ahead in the organization.

The best storytellers are typically found in position that give them access to a great deal of information. They are usually in the epicenter of activity and free to be as eccentric as they choose.  A storyteller needs imagination, insight, and a sense of details, a story can't be abstract. While the position of storytellers is a powerful one, it's not a leadership role. Many people fear storytellers because everything, and everyone is grist for their story mills.  Yet colleagues revere them and often protect them.

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