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Date:16/01/2018 04:27 PM
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The Effective Executive Characters in the Cultural Organization
Working the Cultural Network
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Why Should Concentrate On Your Own Business
First Thing First
It may be the most important question for the business purpose or business mission. Yet it is the one least often asked. One reason is that managers are quite sure they know the answer. Value is what, in their business, define as quality. But this is almost always the wrong definition. The customer never buys a product. By definition the customer buys the satisfaction of a want.

The customer buys values. Yet, the manufacturer, by definition, cannot produce a value, but can only make and sell a product. What the manufacturer considers quality may therefore, be irrelevant and nothing but waste and useless expose.
Source: The Best of Business Books:
The World Executive Digest Library.

Effective executive

Effective executive control their time-management perpetually. They not only keep a continuing log and analyze it periodically. They set themselves deadlines for the important activities, based on their judgement of their discretionary time. Time is the scarcest resource; and unless is managed, nothing else can be managed. The effective executive, Drucker.

Effective Decisions
Effective Decision Maker asks: "is a decision really necessary?" One alternative is always the alternative of doing nothing. 
Every decisions is like surgery. Its an intervention into a system and therefore carries with it the risks of shock. One has to make a decision when a condition is likely to degenerate danger if nothing is done. This is also applies with respect to opportunity. If the opportunity is important and is likely to vanish unless one acts with dispatch, one acts - and one makes a radical change.

Source: drucker, the effective executive
Too Much Meeting

Another common time-waster is malorganization. Its symptom is an excess of meetings. Meetings are definition a concession to deficient organization. Drucker -the effective executive

Time-wasters often result from over-staffing.

Drucker says, 'Time-wasters often result from over-staffing. 
"If it takes two ditch-diggers two days to dig a ditch, how long would it take four ditch-diggers?" In the first grade, the correct answer is, of course, "one day.' In the kind of work, however, with which executives are concerned, the right answer is probably 'four days' if not 'for ever'.

Effective Executive Never Quits

Drucker explained on the 'effective executive', under any circumstances on his job assignment, he therefore first makes sure that the job is well designed. And if experience tells him otherwise, he does not hunt for genius to do the impossible. He redesigns the job. He knows that the test of organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance.

The Effective Executive
Knowledge work is not define by quantity. Neither is knowledge work defined by its costs. Knowledge work is defined by its results. Drucker
Effective Executive Often Contribute More

Do you contribute enough for your company? According to Drucker, executive who sets his sights on contribution, raises the sights and standards of everyone whom he works.

The Right Human Relations
According to Drucker, executives in an organization do not have good human relations because they have a 'talent for people'. They have good human relations because they focus on contribution in their own work and in their relationships with others. As a result, their relationships are productive - and this is the only valid definition of 'good' human relations. warm feel
ings and pleasant words are meaningless, are indeed a false front for wretched attitudes if there is no achievement in what is, after all, a work-focused and task-focused relationship. On the other hand, an occasional rough word will not disturb a relationship that produces results and accomplishment for all concerned.
Know Thy Time:
Drucker described time as a unique resource. The supply of time is totally inelastic. No matter how high the demand, the supply will not go up. There is no price for it and no marginal utility curve for it. Moreover, time is totally perishable and cannot be stored. Yesterday’s time is gone for ever and will never come back. Time is, therefore always in exceedingly short supply. Time is totally irreplaceable. Within limits we can substitute one resource for another, copper for aluminium, for instance. We can substitute capital for human labour. We can use more knowledge or more brawn. But there is no substitute for time.
About the Decision Making
Decision-making is only one of the tasks of an effective executive. Effective Executives therefore,make effective decisions. Effective executives do not make a great many decisions.They only concentrate on the important ones.
Ref: Drucker-the effective executive
Handling Problem
Always assumes initially that problem is generic. He/She always assumes that the event that clamours for his/her attention is in reality a symptom. He looks for the true problem. He is not content with doctoring the symptom alone.
Ref: Drucker-the effective executive
Source: The Effective Executive: Drucker



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